Pull it Easy

End shape

12 maggio 2011

The Pull it Easy steel end from Easytech features clearance under the tab, making it easier to lift, along with ridges either side to prevent the tab’s rotation during processing, a key source of spoilage.
Another technical advantage is the panel reinforcement with the consequence that we will be allowed to downgauge without any risk, giving to customers another cost-saving
The anti-rotation device on the Pull it Easy reduces scrap from the sterilisation process to almost zero. When damaged cans reach the supermarket shelves this is bad for the consumer and also for the reputation ofthe cannerybrand.
This is an aspect that is normally underestimated but is very important.
The patented design has initially been with a 73mm diameter, with other sizes being
included later if required.

Metpack 2017: rinnovato successo per la nostra Easytech

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